About us

About us

ronny barakat

Ronny Barakat

B. Health Science, B. Applied Sci (Exercise Physiology), University of Sydney


Accredited Exercise Physiologist 

Accredited Exercise Scientist

Ronny Barakat is a successful Exercise Physiologist and founder of FORRM | Strength and Recovery in Oatlands, Australia. With a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Applied Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Sydney, he quickly became an expert in strength and recovery.

In 2023, Ronny founded FORRM | Strength and Recovery with a mission to help clients improve their overall health and quality of life. He considers not only their physical abilities but also their mental and emotional well-being.

As a young entrepreneur, Ronny's passion in helping others achieve their goals is evident in everything he does, making him a trusted and inspiring figure in the world of Exercise Physiology.

tim nesbitt hawes

Tim Nesbitt-Hawes

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Diploma of Education, University of Newcastle

Senior Physiotherapist

Tim Nesbitt-Hawes is a highly experienced Physiotherapist with over 10 years in the field. He has a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and a Diploma of Education from the University of Newcastle. Tim boasts an impressive career to date, working across a variety of outpatient settings including subacute rehabilitation, intensive care and coronary care units, respiratory, surgical wards, fracture clinic and stroke/neurological wards.

Tim is highly trained in treating a variety of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions and specialises in creating personalised programs for clients.

As a valued member of the FORRM team, Tim will be providing both exercise-based and hands-on treatment with an emphasis on functional mobility goals and maintaining independence.